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Future Leaders Forum, Oxford

Thank you to all our attendees at The Future Leaders Forum, University of Oxford with UN Women Oxford. We had such an amazing time together dicsussing the leadership challenges women face and how we can overcome these.

"Whilst systemic change is vital to close the gender pay gap, individual development is also critical, given that women are not yet operating on a level playing field to men particularly in male-dominated working environments. This was one message shared at University of Oxford on Monday for an evening of discussion about empowering future female leaders with Bep Dhaliwal (Resilience and Transformation Coach) and Aduke Onafowokan (Founder of the Sister Sister Network).

I drew upon my own experiences coaching female leaders as well as the results of my Henley Business School MSc research in identifying some of the gender-based barriers that women face in the workplace, such as unconscious gender bias, and how women can overcome such barriers through coaching. It was enormously inspiring to hear Bep speak about resilience, the power of vulnerability and the importance of understanding what drives us and why.

Thanks to Aduke and UNWomen Oxford for organising." Thank you and see you all again soon,

Bep Dhaliwal

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